We Provide Services to Newcomers in Film Industry.

Our Advance Packge having Fees Rs. 5000/-, with Validity of 1 Year.

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Our Terms and Conditions for the Candidates

We Charge 25% Commission only when Artist will have more than Rs. 5000/- Salary/Month. We will send Your data, whenever required to the Production Unit. Only Short listed Candidated will get a Call from Us. If Candidate will not arrive at the Video Shooting Location on time, it will not be our responsibility. Candidate shall have to go any location in Maharashtra like Mumbai , Nashik , Kolhapur etc. whenever he/ she get a call.

Benefits of AP Film Company Packages

We will create Candidate's Portfolio and will give opportunity of Auditions. Candidate can work for any other productions, evenafter registering at our unit. We will update you with other needed information like Auditions, other related work. We will guide you with the work in current opportunities. We will give first priority to our registered member. Candidates will get wonderful work opportunities in best productions houses.

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